Monday, October 21, 2013

Fox website racist typo about black hockey player

Fox Sports web site had a racially offensive typo about a black NHL hockey player. What a disgrace, just sickening.

Fox website racist typo about black hockey player
Image from PuckDaddy


Anonymous said...

Maybe put a title such as

"Blacks are the most racist people in US"


"India is the most racist country"

see how many hits you get. White people (who are the majority of the internet users) love that kinda stuff.

Articles like these no matter how true or powerful, always get ignored by the mainstream white media (which likes to pretend that they are for equality)

Anonymous said...

Here are some examples of what western media refuses to cover to make white people look better.

Anonymous said...

.... that's not a racist typo... the "b" is right next to the "n" on a keyboard...

biggest niggest.

Anonymous said...

ITS A TYPO! Get over it. Everyone makes a mistake. Do not read into something so minuscule and make something out of nothing.