Thursday, August 2, 2012

Puerto Rico official posts racist tweets on Twitter

A Puerto Rico official posted some racist remarks on Twitter about US President Obama and his wife.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) - An adviser to Puerto Rico’s most powerful female lawmaker faced calls to resign on Wednesday after she sent a tweet to President Barack Obama urging him to buy the first lady a double-banana sundae and take her to Kenya.

Heidi Wys sent the tweet last week shortly after Obama tweeted that Michelle Obama’s birthday was coming up.

“Who cares?” Wys wrote in response. “Take her to Burger King, buy her a sundae with double banana, take her to your homeland, Kenya!”

That tweet and several other tweets Wys sent earlier about Obama were still publicly visible on her Twitter account Wednesday afternoon.

Wys is the main adviser to House of Representatives President Jenniffer Gonzalez and has earned $630,000 since 2008 for her services as an administrative consultant, according to records with the Comptroller’s Office.

Several legislators are demanding that Wys step down or that Gonzalez ask for her resignation.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

iHey I've found some stories that also prove that racism is alive and well. I really hope you keep going with your blog what you're highlighting is important.

I wrote about three incidents that happened in the last week.

Anonymous said...

This behavior is really appalling. Especially from a woman that is part of the political system. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but to advertise them on social media, like Twitter, in order to reach thousands of people is mean, dishonorable and inappropriate. I think this woman should resign and should not be allowed to maintain the work position she holds for such bad behavior. Whether this woman agrees or disagrees with Obamas politics he is still our President and he deserves respect in public. It all goes back to the things we learned in Kindergarten 101. Be kind to others and play nice.

i rami said...

We have the right mind set when we think of the wrong's of prejdice, but since when do we care about what is said about anyone in this country? Have you seen Leno, Latterman, Conan, SNL...the list goes on. There is absolutely no respect, regardless of position or status. In this country, position and status come with a price. It makes you a greater target. So, what right do we have to judge this person for what she said? Maybe on our quest to become politically correct we forget that we ae no different.
When we keep on questioning what is right or wrong, let's be reminded, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”
John 8:6-8 (in Context) John 8