Saturday, July 28, 2012

Man lies and says he was attacked

A man injured himself while skateboarding and decided to tell police officers that his injuries came from "three to five black men."

Massive outrage across Miami followed the news of Rene Betancourt Jr.'s brutal beating at the hands of 'three to five black men.'

The 22-year-old college student suffered a fractured skull, a broken nose and underwent two brain surgeries as police searched for his assailants, with people donating hundreds of dollars to his recovery.

But surveillance video from the scene of the incident showed that Mr Betancourt wasn't attacked – he smacked into a wall while skating in a parking garage – and he may face charges for fibbing.


He told officers that several black men jumped him, stealing his wallet, and he woke up alone on the floor.

He managed to drive himself to Jackson Memorial Hospital, but was too woozy to get out a car.

'He received several blows on the head from what we believe was a very strong, heavy object. He had so many cracks in his skull that the surgeon didn’t even count,'

said Daniela Herdocia, Betancourt’s sister, at the time to Local10.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like the Trayvon feral child story