Sunday, July 29, 2012

Black couple not allowed to get married at Mississippi Church

A black couple was told they couldn't get married at a church they attended because they are black. Read the whole story via the link below.

They had booked their wedding far in advance. The invitations had been sent, the programs printed. But one day before Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson were to be married at the Mississippi church they frequented, they said a pastor told them they would have to find another venue -- because they were black.

There has never been a black wedding at the First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs, Miss., since its founding in 1883. According to Pastor Stan Weatherford, some church members objected so strongly to breaking that precedent, they threatened to oust him from his pastorship.

Rather than risk his job, Weatherford, who is white, said he decided to marry the pair at a black church down the road.

"My 9-year-old was going to the church with us. How would you say to your 9-year-old daughter, 'We cannot get married here because, guess what sweetie, we're black,'" Charles Wilson told ABC's affiliate WAPT-TV.


John Hawkins said...

It simply amazes me that ANY church would allow ANY member to be that full of hatred to allow this to happen. GOD does not know color. By the way, was the money they put in the plate each sunday any different than that of white money..?? When will this ever end.

Anonymous said...

If we let the blacks get married in our churches then we'll have to marry the gays and Mexicans too! Don't people in this nation have morals anymore?!

Mike said...

@Anonymous Troll fail.

femalewildkat said...

Wow! It is funny that it is someone who wants to be anonymous to say something so selfish and heartless about marrying people. I think it would be better to marry a black couple, mexican. gay, etc in a church than an ignorant person who is not GOD and has no right to judge anyone

femalewildkat said...

it is so sad that someone with so much ignorance would say such a thing. And to post as anonymous, only proves you cannot stand up for what you say you feel. You are not GOD and you have no room to say who should be allowed to marry whether they are gay, black, mexican or white. You are not perfect or unsinful so you are no better than these people.

Anonymous said...

If the church is so full of hatred we should abandon God himself.