Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Motel 6 racial slur on motel TV

A man checked into a Motel 6, turned on the TV and gets a welcome message with a racial slur. What is going on? Why? Why do this?

Joseph Ross, a Dayton, Ohio, resident, got an unwelcome "welcome" this weekend when he checked into a Motel 6 in the nearby town of Sharonville, where he planned to attend a jazz festival. Ross told WCPO that he switched on the television in his room only to be greeted with an on-screen racial slur: "Hello N*****!" "I turned the TV on and when I laid back on the bed I just happened to see something on the screen and I was like, 'Ah, that ain't there, so then I focused my eyes and I couldn't believe what was on there,'" he told WCPO in Cincinnati.

Ross complained to Motel 6's corporate office and reached out to the president of the Dayton chapter of the NAACP, who confirmed the on-screen slur to WCPO.

On its website, the Cincinnati NAACP said that the Dayton chapter "independently called the location to ask if the Motel 6 had on their TV broadcast 'Hello N******.' The person who answered the phone confirmed the information was true but provided no explanation or clarity of why." Source
After searching Google about this story, it looks like a Motel 6 in Danvers, Massachusetts has also done something very similar. See this photo. I've never stayed at a Motel 6 and this just confirms that I do not need to, ever.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Black couple not allowed to get married at Mississippi Church

A black couple was told they couldn't get married at a church they attended because they are black. Read the whole story via the link below.

They had booked their wedding far in advance. The invitations had been sent, the programs printed. But one day before Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson were to be married at the Mississippi church they frequented, they said a pastor told them they would have to find another venue -- because they were black.

There has never been a black wedding at the First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs, Miss., since its founding in 1883. According to Pastor Stan Weatherford, some church members objected so strongly to breaking that precedent, they threatened to oust him from his pastorship.

Rather than risk his job, Weatherford, who is white, said he decided to marry the pair at a black church down the road.

"My 9-year-old was going to the church with us. How would you say to your 9-year-old daughter, 'We cannot get married here because, guess what sweetie, we're black,'" Charles Wilson told ABC's affiliate WAPT-TV.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Special needs child gets abused with racial slurs and more

This is just sickening.

This video shows the shocking torment suffered by a 10-year-old boy on his way to school.

For 40 minutes Cequan Haskins was abused by a pair of 15-year-old bullies in May 2011.

They called him names, made sexual and racial slurs and held a scorching cigarette lighter to his skin.

In the chilling footage Cequan can be heard screaming and pleading with the bullies to stop but they are relentless, clambering over seats to get at him.

They are visibly much larger than their victim and he is unable to get away from them as they yell at him to 'sit down and shut your mouth'.


'My son, he was a special needs child and he didn't deserve this. He was entitled to a safe transportation just like any other child in the Appomattox County Public School System.'

Cequan was left with physical and emotional scars in the aftermath of his ordeal, Ms Haskins said.

He continues to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and has undergone hours of therapy.

Both of the teens involved were found guilty of disorderly conduct, assault and battery.

Ms Haskins has launched a civil case against the Appomattox County School Board and is awaiting a trial date.

Read the whole article and see the video on dailymail.co.uk.

Man lies and says he was attacked

A man injured himself while skateboarding and decided to tell police officers that his injuries came from "three to five black men."

Massive outrage across Miami followed the news of Rene Betancourt Jr.'s brutal beating at the hands of 'three to five black men.'

The 22-year-old college student suffered a fractured skull, a broken nose and underwent two brain surgeries as police searched for his assailants, with people donating hundreds of dollars to his recovery.

But surveillance video from the scene of the incident showed that Mr Betancourt wasn't attacked – he smacked into a wall while skating in a parking garage – and he may face charges for fibbing.


He told officers that several black men jumped him, stealing his wallet, and he woke up alone on the floor.

He managed to drive himself to Jackson Memorial Hospital, but was too woozy to get out a car.

'He received several blows on the head from what we believe was a very strong, heavy object. He had so many cracks in his skull that the surgeon didn’t even count,'

said Daniela Herdocia, Betancourt’s sister, at the time to Local10.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Band uses racial slur in song

The band Faith No More thought it was ok to perform the hit song "N..... in Paris" by Jay-Z and Kanye West and say the "N" word, which is in the lyrics. I don't get it, why not just don't say it?

Another day, another white person drops the N-bomb and will inevitably cop pleas and say something like, "Hey, it's just the lyrics, okay?" California rock band Faith No More deemed it necessary to cover Jay-Z and Kanye West's hit single "Ni**as In Paris." So while reciting Kanye West's verse--they've been doing so while on tour in Europe--lead singer Mike Patton evidently saw it essential to recite the "What's Gucci my ni**a" lyrics without bothering to edit himself.

We can argue until we're blue in the face about why this is a faux pas, but inevitably the factions will split between "Don't use the word ever, white people" and "Hey's it's just a song, what's the big deal?" You would think that the general controversy that arises in all previous examples, most recently actress and Jay-Z bff Gwyneth Paltrow's "'Ni**as In Paris' for real" tweet, that we wouldn't have to bring this issue up again, and again, and again.

Wells Fargo caught with discriminatory lending practices

Wells Fargo will have to pay a whole lot for their discriminatory lending practices. Hopefully others will be caught too.

Wells Fargo Bank will have to fork out $175 million for allegedly engaging in discriminatory lending practices from 2004 through 2009, following a Justice Department announcement, Crain’s reported. The country’s largest residential mortgage lender is accused of a pattern of prejudicial practices that forced 34,000 African-American and Hispanic borrowers across 36 states and the District of Columbia to pay higher rates for loans simply because of their race, according to Deputy Attorney General James Cole.

The settlement is the second largest of its kind in U.S. history, with the bank paying $125 million in compensation to minority borrowers who were directed to subprime mortgages, or made to pay higher fees and rates than white borrowers with equally sound credit. Wells Fargo will pay an additional $50 million in down payment assistance to borrowers in areas the Justice Department has identified as having a large number of discrimination victims, including Washington, D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, Oakland and San Francisco, New York City, Cleveland and Baltimore.