Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Racially offensive show on local government channel

A commenter made us aware of a local government channel in the city of LaGrange, GA that televises a show where a white woman dresses up as an African caricature called "Mama Jama" and many have found it racially offensive. Click the link below to read more and sign the petition.

It's not okay to reduce an entire culture or ethnicity to a silly caricature -- and that's exactly what Troup County School Board member Debbie Burdette does when she dresses up as an African caricature called "Mama Jama." Burdette uses this character to promote child literacy -- a noble endeavor, for sure. However, many find it racially offensive when Burdette, a white woman, dresses in traditional African clothing to play the "Mama Jama" character. Burdette says that the costume gets the attention of children, but surely she can come up with a costume that is sensitive to multicultural issues. This petition asks the City of LaGrange to remove the "Mama Jama" show from LGTV, the local government channel. Please click on the Petition Letter tab above for more details.


Anonymous said...

perhaps she could dress as a clown to honor the muckraking, troublemaker who has launched this unfounded attack.

Amy said...

Who, exactly, is offended other than the one stirring the pot?

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me, right? Who is offended? How is this offensive? Who here has a black mother, sister or female family member? Who here is black and knows the history of racism against the black image and culture for that matter? Yes it's offensive and wrong. The only way it could possibly be ok is if the station allowed a black woman to go completely white-faced, dress like some ditsy, vain, botoxed blond named "Bouncing Babs". All in the name of "child literacy", of course.