Monday, May 14, 2012

UCLA faculty surgeon facing racism

A faculty surgeon at UCLA has been dealing with racism. Make sure to watch the video below.

A respected African American faculty surgeon filed a racial discrimination suit against the UCLA Medical Center and UC Regents. Dr. Christian Head has been intentionally degraded based on his race and UCLA officials have ignored blatant acts of racial discrimination, including an edited photo depicting Dr. Head as a gorilla being sodomized by his supervisor. That alone is offensive. But the fact that the photo was publicly presented for laughs during an annual medical school sponsored event attended by more than 200 physicians, faculty, residents and guests is both shocking and indefensible. Hear what Dr. Head has endured and what UCLA officials continue ignore.

To sign the petition to stop UCLA go here:


Anonymous said...

God bless this man. stand up for your rights....

Sansooman said...

And Sean Combs son decides to accept a football scholarship to this institution. Wake up people!