Friday, May 4, 2012

Georgia bar owner posts racist sign

A bar owner in Georgia named Patrick Lanzo, is using freedom of speech to express his racist opinion on a sign outside his bar that refers to the President with a racial slur. He posted: "I do not support the n***** in the White House." Apparently this isn't the first time that he has posted racial slurs on his sign either. And the guy says he is not racist. Yea ok, sure you're not. Source

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Anonymous said...

I bet this bar owner has a Mitt Romney sign on his front lawn and a Romney button on his shirt. Mitt Romney is being called a liar and flip flopper by the media and American leaders alike.Feminist leader Gloria Steinem said Romney was one of the most dishonest politicians she's ever seen in her lifetime. Yet millions of whites who hear these reports about him will vote for him because they, like the southern bar owner hate black people and would do anything and vote for anyone white to boot Black Barack Obama out of the White House.