Wednesday, April 11, 2012

White people need to read this

Everyone All white people should read the article "Dear White Folks: You Don't Know How Easy You Have It" by David J. Leonard on Make sure to visit the site, link below, and read the whole article.

I have heard that “we are all Trayvon Martin” over the last few weeks, yet we are not Trayvon Martin – and we never could be. White America is never suspicious. White America can walk to the store without fear of being hunted down. White America can count on justice and a nation grieving at the loss of White life. We aren't Trayvon Martin, we are George Zimmerman: presumed innocent until proven innocent.

I want you to close your eyes for a second, and imagine that your son or daughter, sister or brother, granddaughter or grandson, ventured to the corner store for some Skittles and tea but never returned? Can you imagine if Peter or Jan were gunned down right around the corner from your house and the police didn’t notify you right away? Can you imagine if little Sydney or Bobby sat in the morgue for days as you searched to find out what happened them? Can you even imagine the police letting the perpetrator go or the news media remaining silent? Can you even fathom learning about background and drug tests on your child? Can you imagine the news media demonizing your child, blaming your child for his own death?

Can you imagine the outcry if seven White youths had been gunned down by police and security guards in a matter of months? Can you imagine the extensive political interest, the media stories that would saturate the airwaves? Can you imagine Fox News or any number of newspapers reporting about a school suspension for one of the victims or doctoring pictures in an attempt to make these victims less sympathetic? Can you imagine a person holding up a sign calling these victims “thugs” and “hoodlums.”Just think about the media frenzy, the concern from politicians, and the national horror every time a school shooting happens in Suburbia or every time a White woman goes missing...can you imagine if women routinely went missing from your community and the news and police department simply couldn't be bothered?

No, you can't. And you don't have to.


Hannah Hughes said...

'White people need to read this'...'you don't know how good you have it' - I am white. And I find that your statements are presumptuous and unhelpful if you are trying to promote equality between races. Promoting equality does not entail claiming that black people have suffered more than the entire collection of 'white people'. I live in a suburb of Nottingham, England where blacks, whites and asians live together as neighbours. We suffer as much as eachother. We are equally without money, we all at some point fucked by our government, quite frankly - some of our immigrants get a better deal from the government than white British citizens money-wise depending on your circumstance. We do not split people up into categories and claim that we are more hard done by than the other. I accept that there is inequality and that there has been outrageous injustices towards black people. But there have also been outrageous injustices towards whites too. And this generation of white people had nothing to do with black people's past suffering (e.g. slavery) - although we accept that it something that we must be educated about and cannot forget. Racism is alive, there is no denying it. It is ignorant to do so. However, you are not helping by causing one race to feel as though they are responsible for actions that they have no control over whatsoever. My point is, do not address 'white people' in such general terms. We are not all the same. Your letter should be reposted to the White House and Number 10. They are the people with the power that cause the inequality. All we can do is post comments on a blog.

Anonymous said...

I like this post because it reminds me of the movie a Time to Kill. You really have to open your mind to deal with these kind of things such as racism. A closed mind won't get you far.

Tommy Moran said...

I do agree that we have issues on race. Where in the hell do we start? I am a 45 y/o white male. I do agree that being black in the US is a very hard life for most. There is thousands of problems that lead to the unfairness of black people. Some are intentional and some are not. We have to start by people coming together and really talking about this. I can say that I carry a gun for a living and all the situations that involved an unarmed black male being killed would have been different If I was the person involved in the situation. I was raised around all races growing up, but what about the white person who was not. Do they see black people in a different way?Does this cause people to act based on that? Not that any of this is an excuse or reason. There are so many questions that both races have and that we cant speak out without someone being offended. I am that person who would open those doors in a respectful way. African Americans are my equals, and I'm not afraid that being white of having African Americans on the same level as I. We do need to do something. All of us. Like I said this issue requires thousands of formulas to achieve one answer and one goal. An even playing field for all. Feel free to ask me anything.