Thursday, October 6, 2011

Racism at Michigan State University

Recently Michigan State University’s Conrad Hall auditorium had a meeting with students to talk and share stories with recent racist incidents that occurred. Make sure to read the whole article, link below.

Projected onto screen at the front were the words: “Stop Racism: Emergency Town Hall Meeting.”

On a campus with about 3,000 black students, perhaps 500 of them were in that one room and there were students of other races, as well.

Brea Palmer came because she saw the pictures: the black doll found hanging in a string of green beads in the Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building last month, the door of a black student’s room in Akers Hall where someone last week had written a racial epithet.

Another incident followed, racial epithets written on the walls of Armstrong Hall.


The meeting, organized by MSU’s Black Student Alliance, was meant as a chance for students to tell their stories, to share their experiences of racism, to make an issue, collectively, out of everyday indignities.