Friday, September 30, 2011

9 year old facing racism in school

This is just sad to read about. A 9-year old girl, yes only 9 years old, has been the target of racist acts at Roosevelt Elementary in Taft, California. Some shocking quotes are below, but make sure to read the entire article on

TAFT, Calif. -- A Taft woman said her daughter has been the target of racism at school. The woman pulled her daughter out of school after what she said were repeated incidents.

Waymona Arterberry moved to Taft over the summer to be closer to work. But shortly after her daughter started Roosevelt Elementary, she said the girl became the victim of racial slurs.

Rejoice Arterberry, 9, the bullying began just after school started.


Both of the guys pulled my hair, and then the other girl pushed me to the wall, and I bumped my head, and I started crying," Rejoice Arterberry said.

Then she said the name calling started.

"They was calling me 'black girl'. ‘I hate you, black girl; ain’t nobody going to play with you because you are black,’" Rejoice said.


“They hit her. They pushed her down. They called her n****r every day, asked her why her skin is black,” Arterberry said.

Arterberry said her daughter has even come to her asking why her skin is so dark.

"It is shocking. I always heard rumors about the area, but I didn't believe it was true, but the children are telling the story that it is true," Arterberry said.

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