Monday, August 29, 2011

Wisconsin State Fair incident

I haven't heard anything about this story since it was first reported, but in August there was an incident where apparently 500 African American kids attacked random white people at the Wisconsin State Fair. I've only seen the same video on YouTube with the same guy telling his story and haven't heard anything else. Anybody have any information on this incident? Post a comment if you do, thanks.

I'm surprised nobody had a video camera or cell phone to record any of this, since there were 500 attackers someone should have caught something on camera in today's digital age right?


Anonymous said...

this did not happen. i live in the wisconsin area where the state fair took place and i can honestly say there were never any news reports or talk of this event happening. i had gone and nothing like this had or did happen. i dont know where you heard this but i can tell you it is very wrong

Mike said...

Thank you for leaving the comment. I've searched and searched about this incident and all I find is the same YouTube video.

Anyone else from the Wisonsin area hear about this or was at the fair in August?