Monday, August 29, 2011

Wisconsin State Fair incident

I haven't heard anything about this story since it was first reported, but in August there was an incident where apparently 500 African American kids attacked random white people at the Wisconsin State Fair. I've only seen the same video on YouTube with the same guy telling his story and haven't heard anything else. Anybody have any information on this incident? Post a comment if you do, thanks.

I'm surprised nobody had a video camera or cell phone to record any of this, since there were 500 attackers someone should have caught something on camera in today's digital age right?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Congressman Doug Lamborn calls Obama a racial slur

I don't know what it is, oh wait yes I do, but it's like almost everyday now someone in congress is speaking in public calling the President of the US a racial slur.

Colorado Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn recently told a Denver radio show host, "I don't even want to have to be associated with [Obama]. It's like touching a 'tar baby.'"

Shouldn't this guy be fired from his job in congress? He has shown he is prejudice. So what if he apologized for that comment, it doesn't change the fact that he said it and that's how he is. He doesn't need to be in congress, there's already enough of that, we need to get rid of those kinds of people in congress.

Rapper 50 Cent had something to say on Twitter about Lamborn after he apologized for his dumb racist comment. I'm in total agreement with 50 Cent.
"Republican congressman Doug Lamborn should be re leaved of his duties after calling president Obama a tar baby," he wrote.

"Tar baby is a synonym for n*gger, except it is only used in bigoted manners, were as n*gga can be a sign of respect."

"The term comes from a children's story in witch they explain that slaves were "dark and dumb" due to the fact they were" baptized in TAR" #SK."

"I can't find a more disrespectful or ignorant way to describe the race or depiction of our president," he added.