Friday, July 29, 2011

Man finds racism where he lives

A man moved to Houston and at his new home he is facing racism where the security guards will not let in any non-whites.

HOUSTON - David Williams thought moving to Houston from Boston would be a good idea.

"For the most part, when we first moved in, everything was low key," Williams said. “Sometimes you see wandering eyes around the neighborhood."

That neighborhood happens to be the Royal Oaks subdivision , one of Houston’s most exclusive communities. Homes there are valued from $400,000 to $3 million.

Williams leased a home on Stuart Manor. As time went by, things got progressively worse.
"They must be selling drugs so now, it's we're selling drugs in the neighborhood," he said.
But he said that was easy compared to his next experience: 2 weeks ago, all of his guests were denied entry into the subdivision, stopped at the front gate.

All of those guests were African American.

He went to go pick up his cousin who was walking on foot through the gate at the front of the door. That's when he said a security guard told him the following, "Look, I'm not allowed to let you guys in. We personally don't have a problem with you, but we'll lose our jobs."

When he asked that guard to explain, he saw 2 pieces of paper stating, "David Williams (address hidden) is not allowed to have any company."

The security guard told him that order came down from the community manager. When asked if anyone could come in, Quanell X said the security guard told him, "Off the record, someone white can come in but we were instructed that no black males can go to that address."


It was Memorial Day weekend when Williams' uncle heard some people at the garage door, he said. The group was in a golf car, allegedly yelling and kicking the door.

"Calling him the N-word, calling him a bunch of names, other racial terms," he said. "They said, 'Come out, come out. We have something for you. You're not going to move into our neighborhood.'"

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sue said...

Where's your news of the 300 black kids that were beating up white and hispanic people at the WI State Fair? Or is this site showing only one side of the problem?