Thursday, May 12, 2011

Racists attack Facebook page

Padrica Norfleet, one of the owners of, has a Facebook page for the business and it's been getting filled with hateful racist messages, pictures and videos. There were very inappropriate comments posted such as [black women are] "nappy headed," "greasy" and "disgusting," and "You [black women] deserve to be raped by white men." Source

You can watch a MyFoxDC video about this situation.

This is just sickening. It's 2011 everyone. Wake up.


Anonymous said...

Thanks was posting this.

Rafiah Latiker said...

THERE ARE 2 WAYS TO SEE THIS TYPE OF RACIST POSTING.As disgusting as many of these bigoted comments are we should be glad they are out in the open WHY? THESE COMMENTS MENTALLY SLAP THE HELL OUT OF US AND REMIND ANY UNREALISTIC BLACK MAN OR WOMAN WE ARE NOT LIVING IN A POST RACIAL AMERICA.Racism is alive very alive in 2011. You talk about the racists who taunt African Americans on Facebook.Go to YOUTUBE YOU SHOULD SEE SOME OF THE COMMENTS POSTED FOR EXAMPLE, ON THE UPLOADED VIDEOS ON DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING FAMOUS "I have a Dream speech" all of these people aren't KKK or skin heads, just everyday racist whites who can hide behind a username and let all their hate pour out. I KNOW BIGOTS ARE HAVING A BALL IN THIS CURRENT COMPUTER AGE, JUST SITTING IN THE COMFORT OF THEIR HOMES RANTING ABOUT THEIR HATE FOR BLACK AMERICA WITHOUT ANYONE KNOWING THEIR REAL NAMES OR FACES.SOMETIMES I WONDER ABOUT THE CEO'S OF THESE WEBSITES.DON'T they realize all of this cyber hate just puts further gulfs between the races, and the passion displayed by some of these warped men and women needs to be tracked by the law enforcement. Because someday they may decide to act out their hate beyond the computer key board!