Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Buffalo 4Play nightclub kicks out group

Something similar happened in Boston back in November of last year, and now over the weekend, a club named 4Play on Chippewa Street in Buffalo, New York was said to have "kicked out 40 to 50 members of a private party because the party contained too many African-Americans and not enough whites, according to two Buffalo party planners and a patron who witnessed the incident."

The management of 4Play nightclub, 45 W. Chippewa St., told party promoter Devon Jones that more white people needed to come to the club by 11 p. m. or the mostly black crowd would be kicked out, Jones said.

At 11 p. m., lights were turned on, music stopped playing, and a crowd of about 40 or 50 was escorted out of the nightclub by the bar's security staff, Jones said. Two eyewitnesses gave The Buffalo News accounts that matched the one Jones provided.


Jones said the bar's owner approached him at about 10:15 p. m., claiming there was a previous agreement that 50 percent of the bar’s patrons would be white, and the other 50 percent black. Jones said he had made no such arrangement.

Promoter Chris Crook said he heard the same exchange between a white member of the bar's management and a third promoter.

"I know it sounds [messed] up, but pretty much we have to shut it down," Crook heard the bar staffer tell the promoter.

Patron Giovanni Centurione said that after walking outside the bar, he heard an employee say to the promoters that there were "way too many black people in here."

"Chris and I started looking at each other like, 'Did he really just say that?'" Centurione said.


"My experience on Chippewa is that it's pretty prejudiced," Crook said. "They nitpick on everything a black male has on unless he's with five or six white females or males. If it's a majority white crowd and there's one black person, it's very iffy that they'll get in. Clothing is a way of separating, of nitpicking, so that they don't let black people get into the club."

Wow it just amazes me that there is so much ignorance and stupidity still in the world.

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Anonymous said...

Am I surprised? Not really. This is typical white-folk.

Anonymous said...

lol you guys know nothing. what amazes me is how easily people believe accusations and media spin. these dudes didn't pay for their party and were kicked out, plain and simple. Anyone who's ever been to that club on any given night would laugh at the accusation that they don't like Black people, since they're pretty much 90% of their customers.

Anonymous said...

First of all ,the blacks just cant sit on here and blog negatives about whites because their all not like this,dont get me wrong I feel like most of them are but not all of them.ive had more good history with whites than bad,and im still very surprised at that club. Get mad at the club and the people in it,dont fall into their ignorance and go back and forth with this shit.its bull and at the end of the day wat goes on in the dark always comes to light. The man up above knows who the pigs and niggers really are,and they all should know that they ARE gonna burn.