Friday, November 19, 2010

Racist woman assaults mailman

A USPS letter carrier named Hugson Jean was fired after this incident where a white woman used a racial slur and assaulted him. This is just insane how he got fired for this after staying calm as this lady went off on him.

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Anonymous said...

This was disturbing to me. As an African American female, I have never been so naive as to think that racism was obsolete. I am currently doing a paper on the subject for my Sociology class which is how I came across this website. Racism is so personal to me, and I guard myself from it as much as possible which is why I do not watch the news, and try to keep myself out of situations where race could become an issue, but I have to face it in this class. I was almost in tears for this man because he handled himself so well while this lady called him the "N" word for no reason, blamed black people for Martin Luther King Jr’s death, and also referred to herself as his "leader". The funny part (well not so funny) is that even though all that was said and much more, she had the audacity to say that she was not a racist. In my own mind whenever I would hear someone say that they were not racist, I always thought to myself why say that you’re not a racist, if you’re not. This proves my inner theory. It's sad that this is the world that my 5 year old will grow up in. I never wanted to raise a kid that had to deal with this type of stupidity, but I honestly did not know that it was still this bad.