Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gender equality in a corporate workplace

This blog is about racism in the world but I felt compelled to share this. I watched an online video recently that had an open forum with business leaders from around the world to discuss the gender parity in the corporate workplace. It's a long video but well worth the time to watch. Leave comments on what you think.

Companies perform better if their female talent is equally integrated, but a decade of data reflects only marginal change in this area. How can we move beyond awareness towards action? In partnership with the World Economic Forum, CNBC hosts this debate focusing on gender parity.

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Anonymous said...

You got to be joking,I've worked at fedex ground headquarters,99.9 percent white 60% white female work force. with a total 45% white female managers. You can count the black work force on your two hands.And most of us were just temps.Lets be REAL, AND FOCUS ON THE REAL PROBLEM.