Friday, September 18, 2009

Racism online from Twitter users

For those that don't think there is racism in this country today, well this should make it clearer for you. I'm sure you all heard about the Kanye West incident with Taylor Swift. Well seems some racists have some Twitter accounts and really went all out. You can read the whole article on, some quotes are below.

I agree with the opinion that West's blowup was horribly rude and childish. However, there were some Internet users who took their thoughts about him too far. This was particularly obvious on Twitter, which was awash in a flood of racism, with the so-called "post-racial" levees fully giving way.

Here are just a few of the most memorable tweets:

ODV1985: kanye west is monkey ass n****r! and should be lynched! taylor swift i love you girl! (these people are going somewhere in life)

JacobFredG: I realy hope I dont have any black followers and if I do just stop following me, Kanye West is a stupid n****r!

trevbandito: Watch'n the VMA's and decicided to look up the word "N****R" In the dictionary, and low and behold was a pic. of Kanye West!!!!!!!!

There are some who still want to believe that with a black man in the White House, racism is a thing of the past. But I would contend that racism hasn't gone away, it has just gone online.

With the evolution of online conversations, many bigots who are too cowardly to spew their vitriol in front of an actual person, now hide behind a virtual barrier. The only reason many white supremacist groups stay alive is because they have vibrant online communities. Now, I am all for freedom of speech. Heck, I am in the business of free speech. But I also think that there has been souring of civility in public discourse.


Anonymous said...

I dont think what Kanya did, he did because he's a black man. It's just cuz he's an asshole...what difference does it make what color he is?

Beeter said...

Im not a racist but I think blacks try to get all this attention these days by acting black and loud and stuff.

Anonymous said...

i think what kanye did was a shame because now everyone is blaming it on black ppl he was a bit tipsy so i dont really care but it was nice of beyonce afterwards

Anonymous said...

As an well Educated African American, I have my Masters Degree In Early Child Care & Education, and I run across things like this all the time. You white trash bitches need to shut the fuck up before i ACT MY COLOR!!!


Anonymous said...


Sara said...

The racism can go both ways. Had a white man, say, Eminem come up and interfered with Kanye accepting an award, black people would accuse Eminem of being a racist white man. People are ignorant and stupid and that's all there is to be said.

Anonymous said...

Racism is a touchy subject these days. Especially since a lot of racism and segregation is brought on by African Americans. I mean yeah there are some stupid low life whites who will always think that African Americans are below them but the people who believe this probably don't have much going for them in the first place.

My point is, if African American's don't want to be called the n word by whites then why do African Americans refer to themselves constantly by the n word. We see it everyday in rap videos and hear it on the streets. It just doesn't make sense. Also why are there still things like the UNCF (United Negro College Fund)? I think there would be an up roar if there was a United White College Fund don't you agree? It seems like today African Americans can tend to segregate themselves. And use the race card as their secret weapon.

Also its a fact that the majority of criminals in the United States are African American. Its not cause people are racist towards them, its just a fact. If you have a problem with it then start helping yourself. Last I checked they don't just send people to prison cause they are black.

There is plenty of opportunity out there in the world today. I mean our president is African American. And by the way he may be "black" but his mother was white and his father was African. So technically he represents both blacks and whites pretty evenly. The color of your skin doesn't affect who you are. Everyone is still a person.

If you don't like Kanye West, then its simple... Don't support his music.

Jamie said...

@ Beeter: More white people are being televised and on the airways than black people. I think it's more white people who want their opinion heard of "what's right" and their two cents, like you. :)

@ Anonymous who wrote in all CAPS: I think without having written all of the obscenity would have had a better effect.

** In general, him being disruptive during the performance had more to with who he is than what his race was.

Anonymous said...

Facebook are moderting entries so that Jews get bullied. You could say that the in Middle East there is bad on both sides - and good on both sides, inded some Muslims there fraternising with Jews and/or the otherway round.

I wondered if there is any enforcable rules against this racist modreating

fara said...

It is depressing and I do believe its human nature to fear and or despise that which is different from oneself. However to judge an entire race based on the negative actions of one person is not the correct way to form opinions about another race. Kanye's pigment is irrelevant and Taylor Swift isn't all that talented in my opinion, neither is Beyonce. This pop-culture is part of the reason we have been unable to stray from our negative, racist ideals.

Writing in all capital letters is very annoying for the reader.And as a black person to another black people don't run anything and to be honest we should be happy that we aren't to blame for the state that the country is in. Let those who want the responsibility take it.

Anonymous said...

Black people and white people are a lot alike. They act somewhat the same,think somewhat the same,etc.

African blacks totally distance themselves from Black Americans because they are culturally different than their American black counterparts. Different languages,beliefs,arts/crafts,etc.
They went through/continue to go through oppressive regimes to this day.
Educated Black americans are exceptional. They struggle hard with obtaining a degree. They do everything there is to get there and as for the segregation thing, probably shyness has something to do with it. Get out there, meet some blacks and mingle. Don't let that get into your way. It's not that they choose to segregate but rather are shy or don't know someone to talk to. Everyone has shyness problems. It's not racism,it's social anxiety.
I ride the bus with blacks all the time. I talk to them occasionally but being the shy person that I am,it's hard to get to open up with anyone,regardless of ethnic/racial/cultural background.

Anonymous said...

This entre situation is bullshit people have to stop acting like we live in this perfect society with this mythic concept that "we should all get along". Open your eyes people,the time we live in has more corruption and hate then ever before, the assimilation of miniorities along with liberal views is transforming this country into a place of discourse, which is building up a social clash of racial power, influence, and control forming a powder keg. Look we all have superficial differences but interior lifestyle differences are present also. White and black people will always have tensions amongst the races and these hateful acts amongst one another will keep developing within time itself until divine intervention. These acts are developed from individuals' interior of living situations, an individuals' upbringing and the societal development of the social economic classes in American society. More sterotypes will arise along with the traditional outlooks amongst races, both black and white have racial tensions amongst one another.Everyone is racist when it comes down to the overall race as a whole , its the natural order of Darwins theory of selection;primitive instincts of joining a pact with a orgin of species that is your own, just because a polar bear and a brown bear are both classified as bears they live in two different enviornment as a majority.

Z38 said...

White people just have to get their balls back and take back how to live the right way.Im sick of this black rap hip hop generation of hate and violence, what hapened to working hard and providing for one another and having pride in what you do? These rappers mostly talk about shit that has no significance to what really matters, materialistic objects and hateful violence. We need more love and care in the world not gannland human wastes of life who are trying t bring everyone down with to their level. Arise above the mass media and live right!

Steve said...

@Z38, you say "Im sick of this black rap hip hop generation of hate and violence"

Well you can't blame it all on black hip hop artists, please watch this video from being mama daily, there's a part in there that talks about and shows new young hip hop artists trying to sell positive hip hop music and how white corporate America doesn't want that and gets hip hop artists to play those violent songs.