Sunday, May 31, 2009

NY cop shot by fellow cop

An un-uniformed police officer was shot and it reminds me of the Sean Bell incident, even though Mr. Bell was not a police officer. Read the whole article on Yahoo! This is such tragic news, I hope his family gets through this tough time.

Late Thursday, Officer Omar J. Edwards, 25, was shot by a fellow officer on a Harlem street while in street clothes. He had just finished his shift, and had his service weapon out, chasing a man who had broken into his car, police said. Three plainclothes officers on routine patrol arrived at the scene and yelled for the two to stop, police said. One officer, Andrew Dunton, opened fire and hit Edwards three times as he turned toward them with his service weapon. It wasn't until medical workers were on scene that it was determined he was a police officer.


On Saturday in Harlem, U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel joined the Rev. Al Sharpton in calling for a federal probe, while Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Kelly met with concerned community members around the city. Edwards' family mourned their son, who always wanted to be a police officer and had two small children and a wife.

"If you become an officer and you have a pistol and you are of color, in or out of uniform, your chances of getting shot down by a police officer are a lot heavier than if you were not of color," Rangel said.

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Anonymous said...

Who are we to say that this was an act of racism? Just because Edwards was black and Dunston is white, does not mean that he killed him due to the color of his skin. Point is that he was out of uniform and was carrying a gun. Also, he may not have identified himself as a police officer. One of the biggest reasons cops are getting killed in America is because of their hesitation. I just think that we need to STOP automatically assuming that racism is always involved in situations like this. It's sad and doesn't help.