Monday, June 30, 2008

Racist student club at school in Vermont

According to an article on, some students at a school in Brattleboro, Vermont had an informal student club named NHRA, which "includes a threat of violence and a racial epithet."

NHRA is the name of the student group formed by Brattleboro Union High School students. Its full name includes a racial epithet. According to Reed, the group has about eight known ringleaders and about 30 other interested members. He said the group set up a club on MySpace and FaceBook, but that NHRA has since been taken down.

Reed said there have been at least three recent incidents where NHRA members tried to engage other students in a physical assault.

It's good to hear that the students of color who were being taunted by these racist students are not reacting in a violent manner. It's sad to hear that these things still happen at schools. Read the article and post your thoughts here by leaving a comment.

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