Monday, June 30, 2008

Poll shows 30% of Americans admit to race bias

According to an article on, a recent Washington Post-ABC news poll indicated that 3 in 10 Americans admit to race bias. The author then brings up the question what if 30% or more of corporate America admitted to having racial biases. Something to think about. Leave a comment of what you think about this article.


Anonymous said...

It totally sucks. I think in some states it is more than 30%.

Anonymous said...

I also believe its more than 30%. I think that there are so many in my own state and on the news. Because it'll always be apart of our lives. We know that segregation, slavery, and racism all happened. Im caucasian and from the South and from my point of view i feel horrified that happened. But there are so many African Americans today that hold a gruge on all white americans. Whites can't even say black americans any more. But African Americans can call caucasians whites. There are some whites that just hate the fact that African Americans have that attitude towards whites. I heard my father say that he would rather see blacks segregated still bc of how they get to talk about us. If a white says something even just close to racist they get sent to court. But if an Afican American says something racist most of the time its just over looked. Racism is in the back of almost everyones head. We think of each other as either white or black. Thats just how its always going to be. But we can stop thinking of each other as an inferior race and start thinking of each other as the same and equal.

rivercitylady said...

If you want to know the full extent of racism just go online to the forums just let a white assume and hide behind a user name there he or she in all their glory will type out their true feelings about Black Americans Native Americans and other people of dark complexion.Why do I say that if someone is polling you in person are you really going to be honest about your racial feelings willyou be able to use the N-word or any other demeaning racial tag to describe American non-whites? Over the past 5 years what I have read in the postings on YouTube Yahoo etc sent a chill down my spine since both of these websites believe in free speech and the full use of foul speech and racial tagging. After reading hundreds of these posts I decided things are really bad between the races. YES RACISM IS VERY VERY BAD IN AMERICA.It's not the public polls that convinced me of this it's YouTube and Yahoo.The opinions I have read from whites reminds one of the days of Jim Crow. before the ending of the civil rights era.I had no idea that white Americans still considered Blacks lazy and living off of free Government funds or always crying like children about their racial status in America. I read a few that stated someday we would be the white man's slave again,all of our civil rights would be taken away or be thankful that's whites even gave us Civil Rights. When Trayvon Martain was killed many whites couldn't understand what the outcry was about Blacks they said kill each other all the time.No I don't count on public polls when it comes to white expressing their true feelings about Black Americans. Man, do we have a long long road to travel before race matters straighten out.