Thursday, February 28, 2008

White students urinate in stew and give it to black workers

This is just disgusting news and makes me sick talking about it because it's just disgusting. At a South African University, a few white male students made a video where they tried to emulate the TV show Fear Factor by urinating in stew and then giving it to black female housekeepers.

The white students made a video of the incident, which they staged in reaction to the university's efforts to integrate its residences, according to a statement from the University of the Free State.

In the video, white male students at Reitz Residence are seen encouraging at least three black female housekeepers to participate in what the students call the "Reitz Fear Factor," an apparent reference to the television show in which contestants eat live worms or compete in other feats.

In one scene from the video, a student mixes what looks like a beef stew in a plastic bowl and adds garlic and other items. Then he tells the camera he will add the "special ingredient."

The student then urinates into the mixture, which he later stirs up and puts in a microwave. Other students can be heard laughing on the tape.

The next scene shows a different student urging at least three housekeepers to drink cups full of the stew, saying, "This is our dorm's 'Fear Factor.' We want to see who has the best 'Fear Factor.'"

The women, on their knees, spit the stew into buckets after tasting it. Some appeared to vomit, but the women also laughed during the incident as the student urged them on.


Read more about it on CNN.

Update at 1:35 AM on March 1st
BBC News has a video on their site that shows parts of the actual video that the students made.