Thursday, September 18, 2008

Limbaugh, go away and shut up

Why do some still listen to what Rush Limbaugh says? I guess either you're like him and believe in the things he does, and/or you're a racist just like him. Wow what a complete loser that needs to just go away and shut his own mouth. This blog post on Jonathan Martin's blog on sparked me to say the above. Some quotes from the post:

The commercial, to air in Limbaugh's home state of Florida as well as Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada, features a picture of the conservative talk show host and shows his words on the screen: "Mexicans are stupid and unqualified" and "Shut your mouth or get out." It was first reported by the Washington Post's Ed O'Keefe.

"Obama is now stoking racism in the country," Limbaugh wrote in an email. "Obama is a disgrace - he wants the public to think he is Mr. Nice Guy while his thugs are in Alaska looking for dirt on Palin and he runs race-baiting ads and lies about what he has done and what McCain has done."

Two letters containing Barack Obama threats

This is something I expected to happen at some time, which is sad, I know. The Secret Service is investigating two letters with Barack Obama threats.

The letter sent to the party office reportedly expresses a wish that Obama "gets a bullet." The second to the unidentified Howell business owner includes racial slurs - preceded by a warning that the owner should "think hard about who you are trying to elect."

Michigan State Police said they are investigating racial slurs spray-painted on an Obama campaign billboard along U.S. 23 near Ann Arbor. Officers believe the graffiti, which includes swastikas and Ku Klux Klan symbols, were painted late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

Obama state campaign spokesman Brent Colburn said he believed it was the first large-scale act of vandalism on Obama campaign material to include such slurs in Michigan.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ESPN's Kornheiser apologizes on air for comment

Now this is probably not even considered racist by most out there, but think about it. I didn't see it, but here's what happened Monday night on ESPN:

After listening to a snippet of the Spanish-language broadcast of the game in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Kornheiser said this:

"I took high school Spanish, either he said he's not going to be caught, or please pick up my dry cleaning tomorrow."

And later, this:

"I said something before which I shouldn't have said, I apologize for it. Not my first mistake, undoubtedly won't be my last, but a 100% apology."

So would you consider what Kornheiser said was racist? Now if you did consider it racist, did you consider it racist before he apologized for it?

With him apologizing for it, he must have felt that he said something inappropriate, or maybe he was being yelled at by TV execs to apologize on air for those words?

Monday, June 30, 2008

Racist student club at school in Vermont

According to an article on, some students at a school in Brattleboro, Vermont had an informal student club named NHRA, which "includes a threat of violence and a racial epithet."

NHRA is the name of the student group formed by Brattleboro Union High School students. Its full name includes a racial epithet. According to Reed, the group has about eight known ringleaders and about 30 other interested members. He said the group set up a club on MySpace and FaceBook, but that NHRA has since been taken down.

Reed said there have been at least three recent incidents where NHRA members tried to engage other students in a physical assault.

It's good to hear that the students of color who were being taunted by these racist students are not reacting in a violent manner. It's sad to hear that these things still happen at schools. Read the article and post your thoughts here by leaving a comment.

Poll shows 30% of Americans admit to race bias

According to an article on, a recent Washington Post-ABC news poll indicated that 3 in 10 Americans admit to race bias. The author then brings up the question what if 30% or more of corporate America admitted to having racial biases. Something to think about. Leave a comment of what you think about this article.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

White students urinate in stew and give it to black workers

This is just disgusting news and makes me sick talking about it because it's just disgusting. At a South African University, a few white male students made a video where they tried to emulate the TV show Fear Factor by urinating in stew and then giving it to black female housekeepers.

The white students made a video of the incident, which they staged in reaction to the university's efforts to integrate its residences, according to a statement from the University of the Free State.

In the video, white male students at Reitz Residence are seen encouraging at least three black female housekeepers to participate in what the students call the "Reitz Fear Factor," an apparent reference to the television show in which contestants eat live worms or compete in other feats.

In one scene from the video, a student mixes what looks like a beef stew in a plastic bowl and adds garlic and other items. Then he tells the camera he will add the "special ingredient."

The student then urinates into the mixture, which he later stirs up and puts in a microwave. Other students can be heard laughing on the tape.

The next scene shows a different student urging at least three housekeepers to drink cups full of the stew, saying, "This is our dorm's 'Fear Factor.' We want to see who has the best 'Fear Factor.'"

The women, on their knees, spit the stew into buckets after tasting it. Some appeared to vomit, but the women also laughed during the incident as the student urged them on.


Read more about it on CNN.

Update at 1:35 AM on March 1st
BBC News has a video on their site that shows parts of the actual video that the students made.