Monday, December 17, 2007

Racism passed on by mothers more?

I found an interesting blog post I thought I would share on here. The blog post "Do Mothers Pass On Racism More than Fathers?" by By Melissa Lafsky talks about just what the blog post title says. It points out that from the poll they took from children, that "children's attitudes were strongly correlated with the perceived expectations and attitudes of the mothers but not the fathers."

Children can pick up racism, or racist attitudes from both of their parents, not just one, but I am a little surprised it would be the mother, but I'm assuming that the fathers don't spend as much time with them as the mothers do. This just tells us again how much children pick up from their parents. As a parent, it's your duty to install the best qualities and attitudes in your children for the future of this world.

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Anonymous said...

I can understand how this theory makes sense. Mothers usually spend the most time with their children but I do believe that freinds and extended family can have a bigger impact as they age. Especially, when they reach school age.

My daughter, has been, called snowflake, white girl, stupid white girl. Not to mention the other day was told that "if you dont stop I am going to slap the white off you"

But should I believe it is more the mothers fault? Kids pick up this kind of thinking from our society! It is everywhere and the kids know it. They deal with it on the bus, at school in their neighborhoods.
Black or White, Hispanic etc. Most kids are recieving society's Racist training. It is the mother, father, teacher and communities job to stress the importance of tolerance and understanding.