Saturday, November 3, 2007

Racism protest flier includes the "N" word

According to this article on, there was a flier on a bulletin board at Central Connecticut State University about a racism protest that included the "N" word.

From the article:

"I couldn't believe that in this day and age, you can still see things like this happening on a college campus," Balkaran said Wednesday during a student protest on campus that drew more than 200 students, professors and others.

Many of those who showed up for the protest said the flier incident underscored the need for further dialogue and education among students and faculty. They pointed out that the flier was discovered less than two months after the campus student newspaper, The Recorder, came under fire for printing a comic strip in which a teenage Hispanic girl was imprisoned and forced to drink urine.

Just reading about how a college could have a flier with that word on it and nobody said anything about it. I'm sure someone probably saw it at a college, but they just didn't say anything which is wrong. Colleges are suppose to be a place for everyone to learn but this kind of stuff seems to comes up and makes ask what's really going on.

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