Saturday, September 15, 2007

Racism in the modeling industry

This is just a quick post about an article I just found about racism in the modeling industry where colored models are not being signed/hired because they're not white. So some of the top black models in the world, Naomi Campbell, Iman, Liya Kebede and Tyson Beckford "launched a campaign against race discrimination in the fashion industry - which they say is at its worst since the 1960s." Make sure to read the article here.


Anonymous said...

Come on, Black people can last longer in the modeling industry compared to Whites because they age slower, so why does the industry need to be racist? Are they jealous of Black models no matter how successful and/or attractive they are?

Meme_prettyasaflower said...

It is incredible to me that situations such as these still exsist. There are many successful models of color that are paving the way for all models black or white and for some designers and companies to say they don’t want to have a black face as an advertisement is beyond disgraceful. I Thing it is very powerful to see these African American models come together and fight against this issue. It shows that they care about the careers of up and coming models and their success in the industry. As far as I’m concerned beauty is beauty regardless of skin color these designers ought to be ashamed!