Saturday, July 28, 2007

If only more white people thought this way

I was looking around online for racism incidents and found this really good blog post on A white male emailed the author of that blog a very well thought-out written essay about how most white people don't get it. Please read that blog post, it's very interesting.

Here's a small quote from the guy's email:

How can we, white, proud (arrogant?!) America expect of a people not more than 2 life spans removed from SLAVERY, and only two generations removed from out-right and government sanctioned racism to "rise above" (the effects of a system designed to cripple you), and to "take personal responsibility" (for that which you are not responsible)? I'll tell you how we can. We can because it's comfortable (if you haven't a heart), it's easy (to buy the lie), and it's ok ('cause anyone can make it in America today!) The playing field is level right?

Not quite and even if it is (ha!) there are yet many ill-equipped to take the field. And ill-equipped to our shame. Thus the privileged go on being privileged, go on encouraging a system that neglects those it purports to help, all the while turning a blind eye to those they throw under the bus. Forget moving to the back of the bus! Throw em under it! So much more can be said about this!

Make sure to visit the site and read the whole email.

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Nicoli said...

Hey white male who wants a Pan- Africanism world. You are a disgrace to the human race. Your pathetic attempt at looking like the nice guy to black people is not only embarassing to your culture (white people) but it disrespects the black culture. You must think that black people are dumb enough to believe this whole "I apologize on behalf of my racist white brethren" persona. Do me a favor and either tell it like it is by saying the truth, that black people are mostly racist and excuse makers, or don't say anything at all. Since the second that you defend them you are turning your back on the real crime in this day and age, the crime of reverse racism. From blacks toward whites. And don't forget that no matter how much you try and get black people to like you, in the end to them you are the devil and their enemy, for which they will throw you to the lions if they choose.